Introducing Green Juice & meditation

Imagine growing up in low income housing with your Spanish speaking family that came here from Puerto Rico living in a home with a small pay check and 6 mouths to feed. Lot’s of rice, beans and chicken. Processed food galore! And we loved it when my grandpa came home with welfare cheese. It was a big log of constipation but filled you up and you weren’t hungry for hours.

As I got older and able to make decisions for my own meal planning, I decided alcohol and drugs were a great substitute. It gave me lot’s of energy to do what I loved, dance! I would go to the clubs –Sound Factory, Undergroud, Tunnel, Palladium and of course Limelight. And there I would dance from night time to day time. It was amazing! Redbull Vodka came into my life when I was in my early 20’s and that was my life! I ate very little during the day so that when evening rolled in I could get f*cked up fast. Hit of ecstasy or acid and when it would feel like I was coming down redbull vodka began, then when the bar closed, another hit of “e” or acid to get me through till 11am.

That was my life. Hangovers and sleepless. I didn’t care as long as I got to dance and chill with my friends and all those partying with me at the club. Best part was, you didn’t need to come with a friend, you were sure to meet someone at the club.

That lifestyle had to stop in 1999 when I found out I was pregnant >>>read more >>>

The transition to Green Juice & Meditation after giving birth came slowly. It was a lonely time after I gave birth. My husband traveled a lot and my baby didn’t sleep. I actually didn’t miss going out because I was too tired and too postpartum to miss it. It was a few years after my son’s birth when I started to party again. I met a mom with kids that had parallel lives to what used to be ours before kid and we began to party again. Painful mornings and party filled nights. We were lucky we had grandparents that fought to have our son over night.

How did I transition from Redbull Vodka to Green Juice & Meditation?

Maybe it was the drugs, the childhood trauma, or the narcissistic boyfriend that did it but I struggled to keep sane. I was always shaking, always arguing and always looking to keep a friend. It was classic for me to lose a friend fairly quickly into the relationship. I can honestly say, I held on to one friend from my childhood and that friend just died of brain cancer.

If I looked to far ahead I got anxious. If I looked behind I got depressed. I found yoga, meditation and healthy living. It was a slow journey of transitioning but each time I learned a new Kundalini meditation, a new healthy recipe, or a new way of being I felt like I came steps closer to peeling layers of crap, detoxing.

And then I gave birth to another little boy. I prayed for him. I wanted him. I wanted to know what it felt like to be pregnant and be healthy. To not have to fight habits in a state of urgency. I was pregnant and I was vegetarian and I was running. Meditation was how I woke up and yoga was how I stayed flexible. And when he was born I gained 12lbs! And after I gave birth, I recovered over night. Literally. I was so fit that I left one day after a c-section and I had enough milk to serve twins. My baby pooped green. He had no eczema or constipation. He slept and woke up smiling.

How could I not transition to Green Juice and meditation. The proof is in this moment. I’ve learned to stay in this moment.

I grew up learning about life through the Catholic Church
I ate the foods I was given based on my families eating habits.
I have history, I have habits, I have lived many lives.
I have done what others are doing because it worked for them.

I know about the 12 step program. I know about the bible, the yoga sutras, kettle bells, kale, turmeric, seaweed, and the list goes on. I know that studies show they work. I know that I’ve been told if I stay committed, if I stay on the program then I’ll get the amazing results.

Yeah, well no. That’s not how it works for me. I’m not rigid. I like being educated. I like knowing. And I like being able to make a decision based on my life. Because if I lived my life based on your experience, then how do I know who I am. And if you are like me, then you too deserve to know who you are. You deserve to know all the amazing esoteric, scientific, and spiritual things that can help you be successful in living the life you dream of.

Each moment is different.
Each moment proves to give challenges or rewards

And if rigid programs work for you, then finding the right program for your lifestyle goals is what we will do together.

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