I was one of those that hardly every suffered with headaches, until a few months ago.

Spending most of my daily hours researching, listening and watching scientist, doctors, and experts share their findings on methods to healing the body, I learned that we are not meant to be in pain.

Louise Hayes says it best

Disease in the body is the bodies way of sharing it’s in dis-ease.

This means there’s something more than just the pain in your head, the aches in your back that need to be attended to.

I was struggling with these headaches. I needed to find it’s root. I only had headaches if I was hungover, I was not hungover. And after 3 months the headache turned into migraines showing up a few times a month mainly during my menstrual cycle, so I researched the possibility that I may be premenopausal. I learned that my hormones were out of balance and I started changing my lifestyle to be in line with my body’s shift in hormones.

You shouldn’t wake up in discomfort. You shouldn’t “need” pain killers. When you do, then there’s a shift in your body and mind that needs to happen.

It gets comfortable to be in discomfort because we are told that it happens. When I shared my discomfort from my head pain, people would respond

Oh yeah. I always get migraines.

When I get a headache I take advil. I get them like twice a week.

I just deal with it. Turn off the light and stay in bed

I didn’t want that to be my story and it shouldn’t be your’s. If you are suffering with any pain, it is your purpose to find it’s source. Connect with the pain, the times of your life it’s showing up and what you do to manage it.

There was a time a year ago my back hurt so bad the doctor told me I needed surgery. I know that I was dealing with a lot of fears. I was afraid of losing my best friend to cancer, I was afraid of losing my company, I was afraid I was a failure. I was broken and scared. My back hurt so bad I could barely put one foot in front of the other without the pain shooting through my body. i did my yoga, I did my baths and I did my meditation. I reached out to my spirit coach and she did healing work on me. She also told me that I was holding on to a lot of fear and anger. I needed to work through it otherwise it would keep showing up in disease.

Now no doubt you have to be open minded enough to believe that we are energy beings and that the energy we put into our dark spaces like fears, resentment, jealousy, will all impact our wellbeing.You have to believe that you are in the drivers seat of your life and that when we show up for our lessons, our influence, then we have the ability to achieve the ultimate.

I took that back pain and turned it into my life lesson. I wanted to feel pain because I felt guilty my BF, Valeria was in so much pain. I wanted to share it with her. And I felt I deserved it because she was in the situation she’s in and here I was still living my life as I always did. I became an observer of my life and noticed where my mind was going on a day-to-day. And finally one day I started to heal. I allowed myself to go into that darkness, put into practice things to shift that mindset and I healed my back pain.

Like literally woke up and was able to walk. Like nothing had ever happened.

And the headaches. Well I haven’t had it in over 3 months. Before I got in touch with my body, the headaches were becoming migraines. I would wake up and say to my husband

I woke up confused thinking I drank too much last night and I’m hungover, meanwhile I didn’t even drink.

And I decided to treat my body as if it were in peri-menopause. Forgiving my night sweats, my moods, and my very painful boobs. I added in new vitamins and foods to help with my hormonal balance.

You can take control over your health. You don’t have to become the story of your mother, your cousin or your friend. You can narrate your life with great health and happiness. That is if you are willing to go there. You must be wiling to show up for your life and do the work. It doesn’t happen with just prayers or pills. IT happens with mindful daily rituals.

Let me know if you would like to hop on a call and tell me about your discomforts and learn more about how I work with you to shift. You deserve to feel good, everyday.
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