Just because you eat right, doesn’t mean your body will behave right.

Read to the bottom for the TOP 10 THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU CLEANSE.  It starts off dark, but it ends light.

After 10 days of eating right, I mean like a really strict diet for my spring cleanse, I got sick!! And it really annoyed me. I mean I was just sick 3 months ago. How can I go on bragging about having the secrets to a healthier lifestyle when I am getting sick more than my husband, who by the way said I should do his plan

You don’t work out you won’t get hurt. You don’t eat right you won’t get sick.

For him this holds some truth. He does manage to get up out of bed with no problems, he has way more stamina than I do, and he (knock on wood) doesn’t get sick as often as I do.

So why is that?

Since I was a little girl, I have always suffered with ear, nose and throat issues. I lived on antibiotics and I definitely didn’t do a thing to make it any better, In fact the pain meds were great. Fast forward to 1999 when I found out I was pregnant, I started fixing it. I created natural rituals for things like my colds ear infections, and flus. I would stay in the pain of headaches and migraines, and now I hardly ever take a pain med. I say hardly because there have been those hangover mornings that if I stayed in the pain I was in, I would just have a day of beating myself up for drinking too much at this point in my life, but that’s for another post.

Taking all the years of hard partying horrible eating and poor sleeping habits with absolutely no exercise it is likely I did some damage. With the genetics in my family, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and addiction I am challenging my DNA as well. To this point, however, I am doing the work it takes to make sure I stay as aligned with health as I can, mind and body health.

Due for my yearly check in, I am at the OBGYN and coughing up a storm, explaining to her how healthy I am and how I will not vaccinate, inject or pop meds for the sake of easing what is the natural flow of my body. That includes headaches, cramps, lot’s of blood and exhaustion. All part of the hormonal process of my body, a woman’s body. And as I am coughing and explaining to her that I am super healthy she’s looking at me like

Ok. If you say so.

But meanwhile, she tells me

The migraines you are getting are not hormonal related, therefore you must see a neurologist

Your breast are lumpy and your lymph nodes are swollen, therefore you must get a mammogram.

Not sure you’ve read any of my blogs prior to this but I buried a friend that had glioblastoma and I currently have another friend who has breast cancer. Both my dear. close friends who are/were mama’s and healthy (well somewhat) So when she said I needed to see these doctors, I was like


And just then I realized yet another example in life of moment by moment. And maybe it’s because my head is clear without the sugar, processed chips, alcohol, or dairy in my body or maybe it’s because I experienced the death of my BF Valeria, a mom who was way too young and way to vibrant to die in the darkness of cancer, but I know that it will do me no good to think about my outcomes.

I wrote my husband a note of my strong desire for him not because I thought anything bad would happen, but because I felt the information was better shared with the one I love, I came home and chilled with my little guy and I hugged my oldest son, just as I’ve always done and I went to work.

Nothing changed.

I am still the same person.
I am still cleansing.
I am still in line with health.

The note from the doctor on the next steps sits in front of me. I won’t lie and say it doesn’t scare the shit out of me, but at least now I am clear on next steps.

Here I am with a cold, low in energy, skin breakouts and unsure if at the end of all my efforts there will be an outcome of health. This is not going to be a discouragement, but rather a reminder of my new truth which is trust. Trust that this is the journey I am to take to lead me to manifest an abundant life, without any contingencies. I mean it is what it’s going to be. I know that I am doing all the work to keep myself free from limiting beliefs and free from disease.

And I recommend you do it too. Giving yourself time to let go of addictions, overindulgence, or just overall reflection by using your diet is confirmation to your body & mind that you care. That you are showing up for yourself, and therefore others in a way that is not easy and has no promise of a future with no disease. I just know that if I stayed living the way I did, I would be living in a place of extreme anxiety, low self-esteem and constant state of fear numbing daily with anything I can get my hands on was not the way I wanted to teach my kids to live their lives.


Just made the appointment for a mammogram and tears just came right out of my eyes.




None of which serves me, but all of which I am feeling.

Brush it off. Stay in this moment. And continue on my journey of parenting, working, loving, and growing.

Here’s an example of “Detoxing The Mind”

Removing the thoughts that make me feel sad, defeated and can make me sick. I have a mantra for that

I am healthy. I am happy. I am filled with love. I trust my inner guide on this journey I call my life. I know that everything coming to me is in line with my health and happiness. I am love.

Cleansing has many shades. Some days you will wake up feeling energetic and excited and some days you will feel tired and struggling with cravings. When you are finished you will have a healthier gut leaving you with better skin, flatter belly and a healthier state of mind to have the clarity and confidence you are on the right path.

There will always be something or someone to try and take you off path, your job is to listen to your inner voice, the one that comes from love. The one that supports your ultimate growth. It’s the one that makes you feel good, no matter the circumstance you are facing. You know exactly what you are doing and what you need to do to shift. This is your opportunity to stay in line with your truth. The one that is in line with love.


  • wake up in gratitude
  • drink a cup of lukewarm water with cayenne and a half lemon squeezed
  • drink a 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar & turmeric with a little water to wash it down
  • take a probiotic
  • eat a green apple
  • drink a veggie smoothie for lunch
  • eat raw veggies & hummus for dinner
  • drink a cup of banana tea (boiled banana for 10 minutes with the peel. Peel the banana and blend the banana and the water it was cooked in)
  • Drink 64 oz of filtered, non-plastic bottle water throughout your day
  • drink an organic or matcha tea in the earlier part of your day & drink an herbal tea at night


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