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Trifecta Natural Beauty, a program proven to help 5 clients in 6 weeks lose a total of 85lbs, 12 clients in 3 weeks meditate and over 4000 clients create healthier rituals for total wellbeing.

“When I started working with Yvette, I was entering one of the most difficult times of my life. Because of this program, I was able to take care of myself and not feel overwhelmed.” – Nancy, Creative

“I read the beginning of the workbook and it made me cry. I definitely feel like this is exactly what I need at this point in my life. I’ve done Whole30, Paleo, you name it. Nothing has gotten me to where I want to be. This program reminds me that it’s not a diet I need, it’s a lifestyle.” – Maureen, Fashion Executive

These are the most recent testimonials from the woman that have committed to the Joulebody Natural Beauty Program. If you’ve tried diets, exercise programs, and other programs but haven’t been able to keep results then it’s time you try Joulebody Wellness, 10-week Healthy Lifestyle Coaching. It truly is a manifestation of a healthier lifestyle.

I came to Yvette with a lack of motivation for leading a healthier lifestyle, something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. Don’t we all? Yvette helped me set goals from day one. Setting goals then lead me to creating healthy habits, exactly the outcome I wanted. As a result not only have I become more fit and been eating healthier but I’ve become a more productive person altogether. So there you have it, a healthier lifestyle. What surprised me is with Yvette’s encouragement, patience and support I transcended even my own expectations.

Jonah D. —Account Exec

10-Weeks To Your Healthier LIfestyle!” 

10 -Week Healthy Lifestyle Coaching 


✓ Workbook filled with RECIPES inspirations, instructions, and worksheets

✓ Meal, Exercise and Meditations Personalized to Meet your Goals

✓ Recorded Virtual Coaching –Done Anywhere you can get Internet

✓ Accountability Calls

✓ One-on-One Coaching Calls


✓ 911 calls

✓ Texting

✓ Joulebody Cookbook (vegetarian recipes for better gut health)

✓ Detox Worksheet

✓ Manifesting Your Intentions Worksheet

✓ Lifetime access to all program material on Membership site

Want a strong body and powerful mind?

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