5-Day Challenge

When I worked for Equinox they made me the point person for Nutrition Coaching. I took it seriously so that for the next 15 years I studied and became certified and built a brand that revolved around gut health.

Joulebody wellness is one of my biggest achievement, failure, and lifetime goal.

How can it be that all in one?
I put together a program built around the darkness of my latest failure to create the strength I need, body and mind, so I could stay on course.

I want to share with you a simple nutrition exercise and meditation practices that helped me and all the clients who signed up for the 10-week step-by-step Body, Mind, Transformation Coaching program.

I took the core of the program and condensed it into 5-days. I want to challenge you to participate but only if you are ready to transition into a healthier body and mind.

If you are ready to get out of your unhealthy rut, too much sugar, wine and not exercising enough, then get on the list for the 5-day challenge. It begins when you hit GO.

What to expect on the 5-day challenge:
A one day very easy to make detox(with food)
Keep track of your daily meals
Guided meditation for abundance
Exercises created to work your body and mind
Rituals to transform from poor health into better wellness practice

Sign up here if you are ready for the challenge.

Want to get right into the program that clients have said made them feel “Jedi-like” that included weight-loss, better sleep habits, and more energy. One client just said she feels like she has “a luminous aurora”

(4) Ways To Get Rid of Bloat

(4) Ways To Get Rid of Bloat

I just read an article that told me how to get rid of bloat in (4) ways. It may have been a great article however the problem was it started with

  • Fermentable –  broken down (fermented) by bacteria in the large bowel
  • Oligosaccharides – “oligo” meaning “few” and “saccharide” meaning sugar, in which the molecules are made up of individual sugars joined together in a chain
  • Disaccharides – “di” meaning two, referring to a double sugar molecule
  • Monosaccharides – “mono” meaning single, referring to a single sugar molecule
  • And Polyols– sugar alcohols

And after that I was like





I mean really. As if all I have to take in living in this fast paced world, I would remember how to pronounce these words and do I need to?

So the bottom line is when you start an article with the words Getting rid of bloat expect that the person reading it isn’t looking for science, she is looking for a quick fix and that is what I am going to offer you.

  1. Less stress
  2. Little to now processed, sugary foods
  3. More water
  4. Ab exercises

There you have it. Now is it easier to get deep into the science or do the work. You decide.

It’s definitely easier to fast track with a coach that will tell you exactly what you need to do

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time

There was a time that if you told me

the only way to succeed is to fail

I would respond

Guess I won’t succeed.

And if you told me

I was better off giving up meat, dairy, and chips I would be healthier

I would say

Then I guess I’ll be sick

But there was also a time that if you told me I would be having children, getting married and going to bed at 11pm happily I would have said


Things change, you change and as we evolve what we thought was what we wanted is no longer valid. I remember sitting with my BF, Valeria, crying telling her that my life was over because my boyfriend was leaving me. Life was done. I didn’t want to take another breathe. A few weeks later we were at the clubs dancing our butts off

Boyfriend? what boyfriend?

That’s how life works. What you believe is real in this moment will likely not be so the next one. And I learned it the hard way. It’s one of those stories that you tell in hindsight to inspire. You see Joulebody Cleanse, my company, the one I built from the ground up with passion, dreams and the very strong intention that it would succeed and make my family rich closed in 2015. Not because it failed but because my anxiety & stress levels were so heightened that my family and my wellbeing was compromised. I had to close. My best friend from high school was dyeing and with her was the idea that we could do and be whatever we wanted. I mean I do believe that we can be and do what we want however, I learned that it comes with hard work and some of the work we may not be ready to do so our dreams, our aspirations they just don’t happen.

When I decided to go into fitness it was because I wanted to help heal my son. It then evolved to me reaching fitness goals and leading into helping clients get skinny with an easy healthy method. And next thing I knew there was no turning back. I mean I was no way ever able to eat meat like I did before, I definitely did not go a day without eating a great amount of fruits and lot’s of veggies. But most of all I didn’t accept this moment was going to decide what my next moment would be like. Instead I realized this moment was a tool. Something that I would use to help create a greater, happier new moment or notice if I needed to shift because I was getting caught up in an old thought or trying to control my future.

Once upon a time we believed…

what we ate did not affect how we behaved.

how we felt did not affect how we looked

our reaction, good, bad, or indifferent were necessary

we are who we are and that’s the way it is

life is stressful and that’s just what we have to deal with

Now we know better….learn secret rituals for healthier foods & better moods…

Better yet, let’s connect. i want to hear from you. Especially if we are going to conquer some of those toxic habits that are not longer serving you. I want to know what your triggers are and how we can work together to get you to your happier, healthier place.


3 Things To Do When Traveling Healthy

3 Things To Do When Traveling Healthy

I spent six days on a business trip. Stayed at a boutique hotel in Santa Monica, LA yet I struggled.

It has taken me years to create rituals for myself in different situations. For instance, parenting, that moment where if you don’t walk away, it could get really ugly. My ritual in this instance is to take a time out. I walk away and go behind closed doors. Sometimes my kids try to persuade me to leave my room but I don’t. Instead I take 10 deep long breathes. It’s like the Honeymooners, when Ed Norton tells Ralph Kramden to take 10 breathes before he responds.

Rituals help keep me sane, happy, healthy, and moving past resistance.

Then there’s the ritual for my digestion, my marriage, my movement, and so on. This is years in the making. However, I did not create a ritual for traveling for business longer than a day or two because I never experienced more than that until last week. I was on a trip or six days and it wasn’t all pleasure. It was Lyft rides throughout Southern LA, traffic, meetings, starving, and no routine. I didn’t even get to go for a run because I just didn’t. My head wanted to but my body sure didn’t.

I had access to a beautiful beach, gym, and a restaurant that offered freshly pressed green juices, yet I still struggled.


It wasn’t my green juice and it was costly $$$.

I didn’t have time to get to the beach for a run.

No desire to go to the gym, where I didn’t know the equipment, space restrictions and crowd.

Struggling with anxiety all my life, anytime my routine changes, it takes me a long time to adapt. And while I’m trying to figure it out it makes me anxious.

Morning rituals to me are most important and usually set up my day. Last week I was sharing my room with my husband who was also on a business trip and the room was too small for privacy. There were no crystals, no incense, and no luke warm water with lemon and cayenne. I started my day with chamomile tea and ended it with green juice and french fries.

I can actually feel myself getting anxious about being out of my routine. I have the voices in my head

I am not going to have time to run.

I didn’t eat any greens today.

OMG!! when was the last time I went to the bathroom!!

What about water!! I need filtered, non-plastic bottled water

I want a green apple but damn $2 and it’s not even organic, I’ll take peanut M&M’s please

Here are (3) Simple Rituals For Your Health While Traveling

  1. Buy a travel yoga mat. I love Manduka. You can buy it on Amazon and have it waiting at the hotel or delivered over night to your home. Take your mat lay it on the floor as a reminder that you need to get there even if for a quick stretch, body weight exercise or yoga sequence
  2. First thing in the morning, get yourself some hot water and ask for lemon if there’s a restaurant of some sort. Squeeze it in the water and get your body alkalized. DO NOT DRINK COFFEE OR TEA FIRST. It’s acidic (unless it’s herbal tea) and bad for your digestive system
  3. Take a moment to be in stillness. You can download a mediation app (I like Headspace) or just set up a timer and sit quietly for a few moments each time you get back into your room. This helps reset you mind. A side note, I like to open the window and let out the energy of others that have been in that room. I do believe we are energy beings and when we are in the hotel room enclosed and tiny, we are can be sucked into others people energy.

That’s it!! I hope this at least helps you to get you thinking about some of your own rituals for traveling. Please feel free to share if you have any other rituals that you find work for you when you are traveling in the comment box below.

If you are interested in setting up a strategy call to learn more about Lifestyle Coaching and if it works for you, let’s connect. I’d love to learn more about your goals or maybe where you feel like you need support.