Happiness is…

Happiness is...doing the inner work and having it reflect your outter experience. I am happy because of the changes I've made in my life and the life of others, not because of the material things I have around me I never thought I would say this and actually mean it...

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Energy Flows Where Energy Goes

I catch myself pretty often saying Don't eat that it will make you sick.  Why would you do that, of course you're going to get sick. That gives you cancer. That causes diabetes That makes your belly fat.   How can I call myself a healer when I am speaking harming...

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The Mean Girl In Me

On Friday's my husband gets on a crowded train to get to us after a long work week in in sticky hot NYC to spend a day and a half here only to get on a 6:30am train to be at work for his Monday morning meeting. He never complains because it's a choice we've made to...

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Toxic Habits Ritual

I release my toxic habits what are toxic habits how to get to the core of the cause Rituals for letting go what to do to stay on track forgiveness mantras new beginnings Just the way the word vibrates through your body when you say it should be a reminder of what it...

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Push-ups & Planks

If I have no time in my day to get to get a run in, or the gym I get down on my hands and plank. There’s a reason push-ups & planks have stood the test of time—they work. It doesn’t require any equipment, so you can do your planks & push-ups anytime, anywhere....

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The Many Shades of Cleansing

Just because you eat right, doesn't mean your body will behave right. After 10 days of eating right, I mean like a really strict diet for my spring cleanse, I got sick!! And it really annoyed me. I mean I was just sick 3 months ago. How can I go on bragging about...

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My Head Hurts

I was one of those that hardly every suffered with headaches, until a few months ago. Spending most of my daily hours researching, listening and watching scientist, doctors, and experts share their findings on methods to healing the body, I learned that we are not...

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