I am always feeling as if I could’ve done more.

I worry about everything.

I crave sugar and feel like I need to have it all the time.

Have you said any of these phrases recently?

I feel anxious today” or “I’m all over the place” 

I had the worst sleep last night” 

I am annoyed and it’s not my fault.”


Along with saying any of those phrases you may have also found yourself craving sugary or processed foods, having mood swings that can make you cry or get angry easily or maybe your body aches. This may have been your normal but this is just not normal. I know because this was me. That is why I made it my mission to dive into your GUT HEALTH so that together we can get control over your life.


Your gut is your brain. Research proves this to be a fact and the health of your microbiome determines how you process information, you handle everyday stress and how well you process nutrients.

So if you want to lose weight, sleep better, be more productive, not feel so anxious all the time, and most importantly BE HEALTHY, we need to make a plan.

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Hi Yvette, this session really resonated with me on a deeper level. We discussed from our first session fear and how to move through it. I understand the importance of self-care and nutrition in the process of having the stamina to face and embrace my fears. Thank you for sharing your understanding of the subconscious and conscious minds and how they work and how I need to work with them. Have a great day!! N

Nancy Boas

Creative Director

“I love this program. I work best with an accountability partner and I have that now. So far I’ve lost 10lbs. Your “keep this moment as a new moment” comment struck me, I needed to hear it as I was drowning in guilt. “

Kim C.


How I can Help

There is enough scientific research that connects your gut health to the way you feel, the foods you crave and even the way you look. Your gut is your second brain. Some researchers believe it to be your first brain. If your gut is unhealthy then you will find yourself feeling anxious, having sleepless nights worrying, bloated, and cravings for foods that are not healthy. The gut processes your hormones and that means hormones like cortisol and estrogen can be triggered and not functioning in a way that is beneficial to you. I have spent my whole career building my Wellness company based on finding ways to heal the gut. My pregnancy is what inspired me to get healthy, my clients is what motivates me to keep expanding.

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5-day Introduction to Gut Healing for Manifestation

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Your time is now. You don't need to worry so much. And you definitely don't need to feel so bad.

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