My husband once told me Time isn’t real

When he said this to me it was in the context of the production of my bar. This had me thinking and brings me now, here to this moment. The last time I connected with the Joulebody Community was the first week of May. Since then I have put together all the stuff I learned and wanted to share, but for one reason or another, I was distracted. I wasn’t sure what was going on but I didn’t do anything with the information I wanted to do. Actually, I did, I hoarded the information. I kept it in my notes, my journal, my computer but I didn’t share.

Have you heard Kanye’s new song “Yikes” or maybe you heard about Kate Spade’s taking her life due to her struggle with depression and anxiety? We are so hard on ourselves and sometimes it’s so overwhelming that we have no idea what we need to do to get clear, to be happy and to find a peaceful state of mind. I was always a believer we can best help others when we ourselves have compassion for the pain, the struggle. We have to truly know what it means to love and connect to help ourselves and others.

So I didn’t share what I had because I had to take care of what was in front of me. I needed to take the time to get clarity so that I can move forward from a clear healthy space, and the past few weeks wasn’t that. Some people write their content ahead of time so that moments like I had, when you have no idea what you need to do there is content ready. Me, I work from an authentic space. I feel the need to share from truth, that means I can’t hoard a post, a Vlog or a blog so that on the days I am not feeling I have something. I am ok now. My most recent post is a reminder that every moment is a different one. The smile I have on my face is real. The peace I feel in my mind is real. There is nothing fake about who I am or what I share. I work really hard to learn about what works for me so that I can work with others and support their need to get clear on what works for them.

I had a client recently who hesitated working with me because of she clearly said

I will start when I could do it 100%

There is no 100%, it’s all just showing up. Taking the time to self-actualize. Learning how to be compassionate and to be taken out of comfort. Those are the things you have to be ready to do, but not to be able to do it 100% because as diet plans show you, doing it 100% gives you temporary results that eventually fall short of giving you lifelong success. Now when you get into the core of your habits, your triggers and you become educated on the science that helps support your goal, then you see the results.

I did the prescription medication. I wanted a quick fix to the disturbances I was having in my mind, and I got that but meanwhile, I continued to do my research and I continued to educate myself with doctors and coaches and now I am here. Now I am.

Time isn’t real.

I would be wasting your time with the information you already have or can easily get if you wanted to. I don’t have a staff of writers and researchers. What I do have is my lifelong mission to bring on brain tapping gut healing programs for success.

Hope you know that you only deserve to have the best day ever.