Whenever I think about how I used to go about making a change in my life I remember that it came from a moment of spontaneousness. I reacted because I noticed my skin was aging, my stomach was bloated, or I drank too much. I would change my habit for a moment and not long after fall right back into the patterns that got me to think a change was needed.

We all have a moment that shift us to realize something needs to change

I remember when I found out I was pregnant for the first time. Up until that point, I partied a lot and didn’t have a care in the world outside of when and where I would be able to party again. Then he was in my belly and things had to change. I worked really hard to change my habits. I cried a lot and craved a lot but I stuck it through. That was a moment of spontaneous habit breaking, but the habits that needed to be broken while important to more than just me, it mattered to my baby and all of those waiting for his arrival. That was a reason to get past my poor habits. That gave me the strength to not give into my triggers. It wasn’t easy but I wanted him to be healthy. My desire to make sure he was healthy was stronger than my need to drink, smoke cigarettes or do drugs.

And that is how a habit breaks.

You must want it so much, it must mean so much to you that you can’t imagine it any other way. You only see your outcome. You stay up at night working on it, you dream about it, you feel it in your bones. That is what it is like to break a habit. You know it’s the best thing for your dreams, your desires. By simply breaking a habit, you can manifest your desires. Honestly, I have seen this shift in my own life. The most recent habit I broke is drinking alcohol. I had been drinking since the age of 12. I was suspended from Catholic School in 7th grade for coming back from my lunch break drunk. How did they know I was drunk? I fell down the stairs and laughed all the way down. My BF at the time lived next door to the school and her father was an alcoholic so we had access to Vodka anytime we wanted. To give this habit up for more than my usual week or two has been interesting. I’ve had to socialize, deal with stress, boredom and change without the numbing alcohol would normally provide for me. But that habit was not in line with my future self, the woman I am working today to manifest tomorrow.

Here’s how to break a habit:

  1. Take a week to jot down your triggers. (ie) I noticed that when I was tired I craved sugar.
  2. After you jot it down start rewiring your brain to choose a new habit to alleviate the trigger (ie) have dark chocolate or energy bar or green tea available
  3. Do this new habit for no less than 21 days before you allow yourself to give in to what was your old habit.

It is important that you do the new habit for a period of time because you are trying to break the old habit with a new one and that takes time. You need to plan, you need to taste, you need to feel, you need to be confident that your needs are going to be satisfied with this new habit.

I have created a visual meditation practice you can listen to or watch on youtube..