I have been working on an all-natural nutritional supplement bar for over 10-years. I dedicated my time and energy in learning about the most important ingredients to support our body and mind as we age. This bar is for women juggling careers, managing households and dealing with the hormonal shifts from either post-baby or perimenopause. It’s truly a dream I have had since I began my wellness journey.

I wanted to learn more about her, so I got a strategist involved. He recommended I interview my ideal client. Boy was he right on. In 2-days I was lucky enough to interview 10 women. He had given me a list of questions like,

What is your biggest struggle?

What time of the day is your hardest?

What is your go-to for energy?

As I went into it and got more and more comfortable, I began to ask questions like

Do you drink alcohol

How prepped are you when it comes to your meals

Do you believe that what you eat affects your mood

9 out of the 10 women were not prepared so ate whatever

10 out of 10 knew they felt better if they ate healthier and exercised

8 out of 10 connected their alcohol with a mood

10 out of 10 struggled with coffee, some wanted to stop but couldn’t others drank a lot less than usual because they were afraid of being addicted

What I found interesting is that every single one of them had heavy demands on their day that required lots of energy and yet no one said they ate sugar. I wasn’t sure if they were disconnected from using sugar as a way to get energy or they didn’t have sugary foods?

I learned how much they relied on juices and how the morning was the most difficult time of their day, however, they made no connection to the impact the night before had on their morning “feeling”. I was confused about how little they seemed to talk about the connection between the way they ate and the way they felt. But even more disturbing was that all of them said they know how good they feel when they eat right but they just don’t always have the time and for whatever reason don’t plan ahead so they end up eating whatever.

There either is a disconnection or a disbelief.

I imagine if I dove deeper into the conversation I can learn more.

You are what you eat has been around in forever and if we feed our bodies foods it can utilize for healing and manifesting, then we can easily receive the messages on what is toxic and what is healing.

Who’s to say what each of us really needs, right?  My great uncle is 84 years old. Never been to a doctor and lives on bread and coffee. Not even kidding. He was in the Korean war, came home an alcoholic and has suffered plenty of trauma throughout his life. Barely has teeth left, yet he is always smiling and joking. Gets up at 6am, plays dominos most of the day and walks about 5-10 miles every day. Anyone looking at him would say, he’s doing ok. Then there’s my best friend who was a mother of a little girl, yoga teacher, personal trainer and studying to be a nutritionist who died at the age of 44 of cancer. What’s that about?

I like to think I live my life as connected to the source and if for some reason I have information that helps me live in a higher vibrating state, then I am open and willing. Bring it on!

If you are connected to me in some way, either by friendship, family or client, then you want to learn more about how to take better care of yourself. I believe that you are brought to this page because you know that you don’t need to live in discomfort, pain or anxiety. You can be healthier. You can feel more in control. And most important you are able to manifest the life you desire. To do this you have to remove the blocks of chemicals and toxins. You have to let go of low vibrating habits and you must be willing to accept change. I did lots of research on every ingredient in my bar. That is what has taken this process so long. Remember it was 10-years ago. The studies we have on sugar even organic and raw proves that it causes inflammation. Just like the studies on curcumin and super-foods prove to be extremely beneficial to remove inflammation and inflammation is the cause of all diseases.

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