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Specializing in  Gut and Hormone Health

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

You have three brains that work together: the heart, the gut, and the brain. All three rely on nutrition to stay healthy. Ancient wisdom and modern-day science has helped us be able to bio-hack our brain so we are focused, strong and feeling good.

Guaranteed Results

My programs have been tested and revised as more research is made public. I guarantee you will shift the way you think about food and your lifestyle. 

Custom Plans

Our DNA and our environment make us each uniquely divine, beautiful and complicated. That is why a personal plan is what gets results that last a lifetime.

Learn How To Live Healthy Without Changing Your Busy Lifestyle

It is what you eat, when you eat and how you eat. It is who you spend your days and nights with. It is how many hours of sleep you get. And it is when you do the things you do that make up your total well-being.

By looking at your life as a whole and understanding things like your Circadian Rythem or your hormonal cycle. you will understand what rituals and foods work best for you.

Having Trouble Finding a Nutritious Balance?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

It is 100% proven that we do better when we are being held accountable. Together we will decide what works best for your current lifestyle and goals so that I can put a plan in place for you. Together we will make modifications along the way because life happens, and ultimately we will get you feeling better than you did before you we met!

How I can Help

Do you feel bloated after you eat?

Have you been feeling more tired, anxious and depressed than usual?

Do you feel like your hormones may be affecting your cravings, weight, and mood?

If you answered YES to any of these, we’ve got work to do. Together we will formulate a plan based on ancient wisdom and modern-day science.

View which program works best for you. then set up an initial call and learn how to get started.


About Yvette Rose

Holistic Health Coach and founder of Joule Goddess.

Hi! My Name is Yvette Rose. I have been part of the wellness community for over 17 years, but my story in wellness didn’t start as a career. I became a mom to a little baby boy who helped me see I am important. I am relevant and what I did matter.

He wasn’t planned and my body definitely wasn’t ready to birth a healthy baby but we were doing this, and we were doing it together. He arrived into this world a 6lbs 14oz baby, with jaundice and a high fever that had him incubated (for 5 days), poked with a spinal tap and on antibiotics within his first 48 hours of life.

I have since made it my mission to help clients feel strong and healthy in their bodies and minds by sharing my knowledge, my personal experience and my guidance on the gut-brain connection. This is why it took me 11-years to formulate a nutrition bar that supports my mission, my gift to you. Every bar is filled with ancient ingredients that have modern-day research to back it’s profound healing abilities to our bodies and mind.

500 HR Yoga Teacher. AADP. Certified Health Coach. NSCA. ISSA., Lifestyle Nutrition Coach, CEO of Joulebody Wellness and founder of Joulebody Cleanse, the first e-commerce food cleanse delivering nationally. I am a mother of two boys and a wife of 20 years to my love.

My Approach

At first, I thought I was crazy. Now I know we all have the ability to tap into energetic fields that are there to guide and support us as we experience the journey of life. I use both spirituality and science with my clients, no religion, just a clear open mind to create lifestyle plans in nutrition, exercise, and meditation. All the fundamentals for longevity.

My Process

It starts with an intake form followed by a live video conference call which leads me to formulate an action plan for us to work on together. Expect plans to support hormone balance and a healthy, diversified gut bacteria. I share worksheets, support docs, and best apps, products, and practitioners that all work together to help you reach your goals.

Unique Framework

I started as a personal trainer, studied yoga to become a 500hr certified teacher and I have been a health coach since 2009, at the same time I launched the first e-commerce food delivery company. This helped me to formulate meal plans that work, rituals that heal and programs that meet even the busiest person’s schedule. All calls are on video conferencing and correspondence can be on emailed or texted. I make myself available to guide and support your goals.






How To Change Your Habits For A Better Future

Whenever I think about how I used to go about making a change in my life I remember that it came from a moment of spontaneousness. I reacted because I noticed my skin was aging, my stomach was bloated, or I drank too much. I would change my habit for a moment and not...

What To Do When Too Much Time Passes

My husband once told me Time isn’t real When he said this to me it was in the context of the production of my bar. This had me thinking and brings me now, here to this moment. The last time I connected with the Joulebody Community was the first week of May. Since then...

Hormonal Imbalance Made Me Crazy

I have been working on an all-natural nutritional supplement bar for over 10-years. I dedicated my time and energy in learning about the most important ingredients to support our body and mind as we age. This bar is for women juggling careers, managing households and...

“I love this program. I work best with an accountability partner and I have that now. So far I’ve lost 10lbs. Your “keep this moment as a new moment” comment struck me, I needed to hear it as I was drowning in guilt.

-Kim C.


“I was looking to recalibrate, to get a new perspective. I tried everything, but the only thing that worked, and that has had a lasting effect, is the holistic guidance I’ve received from Yvette. I like the new me.”

– Geoff G

Advertising Professional 

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Are your meal plans Keto, Paleo, or Vegan based?

My meal plans are based off of ayurvedic and plant-based clean eating put into a system I created which is a simple way to keep track of what foods you should be eating and what times to biohack your body and mind.. I will guide you on what foods you should be incorporating for a healthier gut microbiome for your body and mind. 

What should I expect while working with you?

During our time together, expect that you will learn how to eat intuitively to help diversify your gut so that your body can heal the inflammation that may be blocking hormones that trigger you to feel happy, productive and energetic . 

Expect to get meal plans, recipes, journaling, exercises and many more plans based on Joule Goddess System for Biohacking your gut/brain.


Every client is different however, there are a few similarities in clients outcomes such as: weight-loss, learning how to eat mindfully, education on all the diet plans and options, understanding of medical test to get deeper into why your body and mind are feeling any discomforts.


I do not take insurance, however, I do offer a sliding scale for clients I feel together we can get results. My pricing is competitive to the market of health coaching. My average price is $222 an hour.

Is health coaching for everyone?

Health coaching is a very useful tool to achieve behavior change and help reduce the burden of chronic conditions like obesity, depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, and diabetes. 

Why would I use a Gut Health Coach vs a Nutritionist/Dietician?

As a certified Health Coach, I am not only helping you formulate meal plans, but overall wellness plans. This includes exercise and meditation. And I base my plans on diversifying the gut bacteria with food and lifestyle shifts.

What can I expect?

Doctors are taught how to diagnose and treat disease. And although they are great at recommending patients lose weight, exercise more, or eat a healthy diet, typically they offer little advice on how to accomplish this beyond joining a gym or see a nutritionist. A well-trained health coach is educated regarding behavior change, and uses a science based process to facilitate that change. Right now anyone can say he or she is a health coach, I am however certified and educated in nutrition, exercise, meditation, and yoga since 2003. 

HOw I work.

I help you create a program based on the trifecta of wellness –nutrition, exercise, and meditation which is personalized to you so you can begin to heal your gut. I will create plans for you to follow based on your current lifestyle. My practice is based on personalizing your healing. With the support of your current clinical practitioners and my coaching, you will be on the road to healing.

I help you understand plant medicine like CBD, Kava, chlorophyll, seeds, and other essential nutrients, so you can learn how to use them to heal your adrenals, hormones, and of course your gut.

Together we dive into your triggers, so you will be able to reprogram your lifestyle so that you aren’t always feeling anxious, stressed and bloated.

How do you feel about vitamins, powders and supplements?

With the permission of your practitioner, I will help you decide which supplements are best for your goals. 

I do believe in powders, supplements and adaptogen products as a temporary fix until your body begins to work better on it’s own.

I am a certified Nutrition Coach, however, I am not a licensed dietician, therefore I cannot recommend supplements without the support of your practitioner.


I am a certified International Health Coach with over 10 experience. I started as a personal trainer, yoga teacher and nutrition specialist in 2003. I own a business that sells healthy products. Because of my experience of working with many clients throughout the years and healing myself, I learned how to formulate plans that work. These are plans that are science based and have been proven to help heal the body and mind. A dietician and nutritionist make meal plans, I make lifestyle plans.


The program offers 12 total session, 6-planning sessions and 6-accountability sessions for a total of 3-months. The first session is an in-take session and last longer then the ones to follow.


The only reason why you wouldn’t get results would be due to your own commitment to following through. I provide surveys throughout our time together. This is your opportunity to discuss what isn’t working. Goals are set before we begin. It is your responsibility to communicate.

What is difference between what I do and a dietician?

Health coaching is structured to provide the necessary time to be successful at behavior change. Coaching generally occurs over the course of 5-7 sessions with each session lasting from 30-60 minutes. The majority of physicians do not have a practice structure that accommodates this type of interaction. This is clearly a substantial financial investment, but the result of better health is worth it in the end.

Is health coaching worth it

The scary truth is that half of all U.S. adults have an expensive-to-treat chronic disease like cancer, diabetes or heart disease, which account for 86 percent of all healthcare spending, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). While not every chronic disease is preventable, the CDC estimates that eliminating the three biggest risk factors – poor diet, smoking and inactivity – would prevent 80 percent of stroke, heart disease and type 2 diabetes and 40 percent of all cancer.

Why Gut Healing?

Your gut controls emotions, cravings, and intuition.

If you suffer with IBS (Crohn’s, SIBO, Leaky Gut) or you struggle with mood swings like anxiety or depression, likely your microbiome needs to heal

If you have been trying to lose weight by going to the gym, watching your calories but still don’t feel like your seeing the results, a gut healing plan is a great way to kickstart your results.

The Gut heals by providing it the healthy bacteria from foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurts (non-dairy included), miso and many others. 

You can also heal the gut by exercising and meditating. Learning how to live an anti-inflammatory, gut healing lifestyle is what helped me to manage my anxiety, depression and overall body mind health.

Get Coaching!

If you are ready to lose weight, get healthier, and truly create a lifestyle for longevity, join one of my monthly programs.

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